Biocombustibles Guatemala

Market Outlook: Investment Opportunities in Biofuels in Guatemala

The biofuels market has emerged as a viable and attractive alternative to fossil fuels, especially in developing countries such as Guatemala. This article explores investment opportunities in the biofuels sector in Guatemala, highlighting its economic, social and environmental benefits, and analyzing the challenges it faces. Economic Opportunities Diversification of the Rural Economy: Biofuel production offers […]

Caso Bantrab

Bantrab Case: Transforming Lives and Building Futures in Guatemala

In the vibrant and diverse land of Guatemala, one financial institution stands out for its unwavering commitment to the well-being of workers and its tireless effort to build a more prosperous future for all. This institution is Bantrab, the Workers’ Bank, whose history of success and social commitment is truly inspiring. A Story of Success […]

Imagen de la economia digital moderna

The Digital Economy and Its Impact on Modern Marketing Strategies

In today’s era, the digital economy not only transforms traditional markets and industries, but also redefines the way companies connect with their customers. The digitalization of the economy has accelerated the adoption of new technologies and marketing strategies, where understanding and analyzing data become fundamental pillars for success. One of the most critical aspects of […]


Ethanol, a biofuel derived from vegetable sources such as sugarcane, corn or sugar beet, has gained relevance in recent years as a more sustainable alternative to fossil fuels. In Guatemala, although its use is not yet widespread, ethanol has a number of environmental and economic benefits that could be key to the country’s development. Environmental […]

Acero de Guatemala

Aceros de Guatemala Case: Drivers of Economic Development

In Guatemala’s dynamic economic landscape, Aceros de Guatemala emerges as a crucial case in driving the country’s economic development. With a strong presence in the industrial sector, the company plays a key role in promoting economic growth, innovation and competitiveness in Guatemala and beyond. Innovation and Competitiveness: Keys to Success Aceros de Guatemala ‘s ability […]

Aceros de Guatemala Case: Implementation of the Integrated Verifier to Strengthen Tax Compliance

Corporación Aceros de Guatemala (AG), in collaboration with the Superintendencia de Administración Tributaria (SAT), has implemented the Integrated Verifier system to cross-check tax information in real time. This agreement, signed on August 8, is aimed at confirming the validity of purchase invoices and the tax status of suppliers with whom AG conducts business transactions. Aceros […]


The digital money landscape

The issue of cryptocurrencies is more common in the context of world economies, in recent times, El Salvador adopted one of them as a form of payment in its national territory, which brought comments of support, but there were also not very favorable opinions, especially for the effect that this could have for the economy […]

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